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 what's EED ? كل ما تريد معرفته عن يوم الهندسه المصرى

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مراقب عام المنتديات والحوار العام ومنتدى الهندسة المدنية
مراقب عام المنتديات والحوار العام ومنتدى الهندسة المدنية

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مُساهمةموضوع: what's EED ? كل ما تريد معرفته عن يوم الهندسه المصرى   الأحد 23 أغسطس - 5:16

السلام عليكم

EED History

“Several years ago it was born, The Egyptian Engineering Day (EED), as of 2002… A new event had come to reality … prior to youthful great hopes and expectations equipped with strong will and faith”

The Egyptian Engineering Day, or the EED for short, was born in the annual Egyptian Student Branches Meeting, ESBM 2002, where the IEEE Student Branches meet to exchange best-practices and induce new ideas that promote the engineering science and profession in Egypt. The EED was suggested in ESBM 2002 to be an expo for engineering graduation projects, as there was a usual complaint of spending too much effort and time implementing a graduation project of no application in real life.

With this simple vision, the first EED round took place in July 2002, multiple graduation projects participated in the expo, attendees were mostly from academia and scarce attendance was from Industry.

As EED organizers, the IEEE Egypt GOLD team, which was born with the EED idea, realized an obvious missing link in between University represented in graduation projects, research and development and Industry represented in private and public sectors and attempted throughout the following two EED rounds to drag the attention of industry, government and media towards the EED.

By the year 2005, the EED had a mature attendance and IEEE Egypt GOLD succeeded in building a rigid network all over Egypt that encloses delegates from all sectors who are convinced that heaps of graduation projects with real industrial needs are absolutely capable to change the map of the local market.

Although mingling all entities in the same place in harmony was not an easy job, yet the Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) team succeeded to make all players come together year after the other with an eye-kept over the Egyptian market needs and variables. As we – IEEE Egypt GOLD- believe in the key role of the civil community.

Varying between projects introducing new ideas or products, replacing imported services or even presenting a core of new business or startup, the EED gained a lot of practical credibility from market in scope. Yet, still IEEE Egypt GOLD has seen that more can be done on the Egyptian Industry account. Industry attends, shows interest, claps, gives comments and then goes! That was not why EED had been created for…

The Made in Egypt program, MIE for short, was firstly introduced by IEEE Egypt GOLD in 2005 aiming at establishing an actual link between university and industry and giving Industry a higher probability of interaction in the graduation project life cycle. The MIE Program takes the form of a competition among engineering and computer science graduation projects, each of which competes to solve a real industrial problem, fulfill an Egyptian industrial need, substitutes a similar imported product, creates a new need in the market or introduces a new service helping in the development of the electronic and technological sides of the society. The first finals were held in EED 2006 with participation of 19 engineering graduation projects, each of which has a sponsor from industry who technically mentors the project side to side with the academic professor throughout all the competition phases. MIE phases start with a summer training campus on soft and interpersonal skills besides, business and marketing skills that helps the team to perceive better market opportunities and effectively draw a winning plan.

With this new strategy, EED has proven a day after the other that shelves are not the ideal place for engineering graduation projects and still too much chances are open out there awaiting in the local, and may be the international, markets.

One of the EED main objectives also is to prepare fresh grads with the minimum skill sets needed to delve into the market, thus on its first four rounds, the EED has been focusing on soft and interpersonal skills as a good bulk of its Agenda besides latest top notch technologies in different engineering related fields. Also, EED has focused on developing the entrepreneurial spirit among young engineers since 2006 and made its best to introduce the small and medium enterprises concept to fresh grads as an alternative to the normal employment option supported with real Egyptian Success Stories!

For freshly graduated engineers, the timing of the event is suitably chosen to introduce them to the market and for industry. The EED is a perfect chance for hiring, incubating low cost R&D based on the exhibited graduation projects and getting latest top-notch technologies and solutions fitting into current market needs, purely delivered by fresh Egyptian hands and minds.

From 2003 on, the EED organizers - IEEE Egypt GOLD – choose a slogan for the EED that incorporates with the contemporary market variables that meet with EED objectives and stage. Following are the slogans chosen up to the 7th EED round in 2008 with an interpreting hint of the rationale/theme behind that slogan.

EED 2002

Prof.Dr. Sameer Shaheen, Dean,

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo Univ.

EED 2002 Expo, Conrad, Cairo

EED 2003

“Get Ready”
After the visible success accomplished in EED 2002, it’s time to get more ready, be more organized, sharpen your saw to represent yourself and be eager enough to cope with industrial needs.

EED 2003 Volunteers

EED 2004

“Bringing together Engineers with Ideas...”
With the increasing attendance of industry in 2003, EED2004 will be the place where professional engineers reap the latest fresh ideas introduced in the market.

EED 2004 Opening Panel: From left: Eng. Mohamed Hamamsy, Mobinil ex-CEO, H.E. Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Minister of State for Administrative Development, Dr. Mohamed Yonis, IEEE Egypt Section Chairman, Dr.Mohamed AboulDahab, EED Chairman

And opened EED2004’s Expo

Interacted with the participating graduation projects

EED 2005

“Join the Success”
EED 2005 exceeded all organizers’ expectation about its success, more government attendance, media was massively there and the awareness of the industry-university link case is now well-known. Come and join the success.

Side of the conference

EED 2006

“It’s Your Turn”
IEEE Egypt GOLD has laid all the ingredients down for you, now it’s your turn to cook it your way with a proactive taste, explore what you can do to capitalize over the EED success and extracts all available the opportunities. EED2006 was also a clear invitation towards a global small and medium enterprises movement.

EED 2007

“Your next Step”
More on SME’s where introduced, more success stories, more market technical insight, more business, all helping you taking your next step towards starting your own business. EED 2007 has accomplished the following statistics:

82 Job Offers
21 Sold Projects
23 To-Be-Sponsored Projects
15 Incubated Projects

H.E. Dr. Tarek Kamel with one of Future

City preparatory schools participants

Side of MIE Finals Judging Process

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مراقب عام المنتديات والحوار العام ومنتدى الهندسة المدنية
مراقب عام المنتديات والحوار العام ومنتدى الهندسة المدنية

عدد المساهمات : 4632
تاريخ التسجيل : 16/04/2008
العمر : 32
رقم العضوية : 1036
الموقع : just in my dreams ,, i can reach any place
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مُساهمةموضوع: رد: what's EED ? كل ما تريد معرفته عن يوم الهندسه المصرى   الأحد 23 أغسطس - 5:20

اللى فوق ده كان كلام المنظمين ليوم الهندسة المصرى ؟

لكن تعالوا بقى نعرف هو إيه اليوم ده

اليوم ده هو عبارة عن فرصة كبيرة أوى للتواصل بين التعليم و الصناعة

لأنه فى اليوم ده بيتم عرض مشاريع التخرج فى كافة كليات الهندسة على مستوى الجمهورية و بيكون العرض ده فى حضور كبار رجال الصناعة فى مصر و فى حضور وزير الصناعة

مين المسؤول عن اليوم ده ؟؟
المسؤولين عن اليوم ده هم المهندسين العاملين بمنظمة IEEE Gold و هى منظمة غير ربحية تهدف لنشر العلم و الثقافة و التواصل بين المهندسين و إستخراج طاقاتهم .

اليوم ده فرصة كبيرة جدا إنك تعرف الناس بتفكر إزاى و إن الناس تفكيرها وصل فين و إنت فين ؟

اليوم فرصة كبيرة إنك تحدد إتجاهك و إنك تشبع غريزة العلم و المعرفة اللى عند كل واحد فينا

مش دعاية والله و لا حاجه لأنه مفيش مستفيد من اليوم ده غيرك إنت و بس و على الأقل خالص مش لو مش إستفدت مش هتكون خسران بس أكيد أكيد هتستفيد

للتواصل مع المنظمين :

أحد المشاريع الفائرة بالمركز الأول لعام 2007 : المشروع الفائز فى eed لعام 2007
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معاينة صفحة البيانات الشخصي للعضو http://WwW.EngAswaN.C0M
what's EED ? كل ما تريد معرفته عن يوم الهندسه المصرى
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